Ongoing Roundtables Between Physicians and Legitimate Patients to Determine Real Life Effects of TN Together

Many aspects of TN Together are fabulous and have reduced inappropriate drug use and overdose. However, there are many legitimate, compliant patients forced into medically contraintradicted drug tapers or invasive procedures. There is a balance somewhere and the voices of patients who are not drug abusers have been silenced to some degree. I think a Task Force or Oversight Committee that includes an equal number of patients and medical personnel would be a great way to show how TN Together isn’t just about arbitrarily cutting opioid medication because of the popularity of the opioid epidemic. I am a former LCSW and a chronic pain patient and would be interested, I know a physician who is now a chronic pain patient who would be willing. A paralegal. A former nurse, A person who has unsuccessfully attempted suicide twice because of unbearable pain.

We;re out there, We aren’t the crazy ranters who won’t consider alternative therapies. We can spot drug seekers and abusers probably faster than any health care provider.

PLEASE, let’s work together in this. If the title is Tn Together, shouldn’t it include the many of us with legitimate conditions whose doctors have been intimidated into cutting doses on which we have been stable for years?

Personally, I can barely leave my home anyone due to arbitrary cuts. My physician even said “I’m so sorry I have to do this - but the DEA is watching us so closely and I care more about my license.”. Is this what TN Together intended? I don’t think so. Let make TN Together REALLY together, with ALL stakeholders.

I’ve in White County, TN. Mu name is Sharon Ertsgaard. Mu phone is 423 902 9200. My email is I hope to hear from you.

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